INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ACCELERATOR - 2017 Promotional marketing video - full service

IN TRANSIT - 2015 theatrical documentary by Albert Maysles, Nelson Walker, Ben Wu, David Usui, Lynn True - camera operation - as featured on, The New York Times, and IndieWire

THE TIME IS NOW - 2016 ROC United / 1 Billion Rising PSA - cinematography, sound, production design

MASTERMINDS - 2016 theatrical feature - Physical/Post Production Coordinator

THE DISAPPOINTMENTS ROOM - 2016 theatrical feature - Physical/Post Production Coordinator

AFTER FIRE - 2016 theatrical documentary by Brittany Huckabee - camera operation 

WHAT THE BLOODY HELL? - 2016 Tampon Tax PSA - cinematography, sound

THE LOONIES - 2017 web series - aerial cinematography

THE MINNOW POND - 2016 web pilot - cinematography, jib operation

MEET KENNY - 2016 Art Center College of Design thesis film - cinematography

Coming soon: looks into some of the stories we have come across, including several with Albert Maysles, a beloved mentor who inspired and touched everyone who had the good fortune to spend time with him.



Did you know the tipped minimum wage -- as low as $2.13 in dozens of states -- has its historical roots in slavery? Check out this powerful video featuring acclaimed actress and Westworld star Thandie Newton, and learn more about the ugly legacy of tipping in America.